miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

The Secret Of Oldstone Hall

Pete and Nicky are stayng at oldstone hall. It is midnight, and they are sleeping. There is a noise.
‘What is it?’ says Pete. Pete and Nicky go upstairs. Two men suddenly run past them. One man drops a book. ‘Look at this book,’ says Nicky.
Nicky reads it slowly. This famous old house has a secret room.
It is in the garden near the water. You must go down the steps to get to it. The answer is in the trees. Do not walk into the water: the steps open.’
‘How strange,’ says Annie.
Suddenly they hear a noise.
‘Excuse me. There’s someone at the door.’ She opens the door and sees Mr Bigwig from Bigstone Farm. He is with his two sons, Don and Ron.
‘Oh! You again! She says.
‘Good morning,’ he says. ‘Can II come in and talk to you?’
They come into the Great Hall. Mr Bigwig talks to Annie for a long time. Don and Ron stand and look at everyghing. Snowy and Football don’t like them.
When Mr Bigwig go away Pete says:
‘They are the mens in the attic.
‘What do they want?
Says Annie.
‘Perhaps they want this book because his tells about a secret room.
‘Lets go and find it.
They going to the garden. Pete reads:
‘Find a stone man, not his doughter.’
Turn his head to stop the water.
Then down the steps, one, two, three,
And pull the hand that you can see.’
They don't more steps under the ground.
They find a stranhe old room.
Look! 'Here's a door to a different room.If we can find the key, we can open it.'Then Pete shouts because he sees something gold on the floor.
'Look!' says Pete. 'It's the necklace that Elizabeth AppletonWhite wears in the picture - the picture in the Great Hall.'
Nicky finds the kiy to the next room on the floor, under the chair.
They open the door and see something wonderful. The room is full of gold and silver there!'
She closes her eyes, and opens them again. 'Oh, how wonderful!'
Annie wants to take all the things back to the house. They put all the clothes in one box, and all the gold into a second box and all the silver into a third box. But suddenly, Football and Snowy begin to make a noise.
Now they know what the matter is.
'Give those boxes to us,'say the three men. They take them and run away.
Snowy and Football run after the men and try to stop them.
She looks towards the house.'Oh, I know,'she thinks. 'Iknow who can help us!'
The dogs helps us and they take away to the police.
They save the gold and they have a happy meal.


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